19 Jun 2019


Court Martial Begins Trial Of Soldiers Involved In Various Crimes

The General Court Martial of the army has started the trial of soldiers involved in various crimes including murder, armed robberies, and car theft committed in 2018 across the country.

Court Martial Begins Trial Of Soldiers Involved In Various Crimes
The lead defense lawyer talks to the suspects in the accused cage [Photo|Ojwe Lumara]

By Ojwe Lumara

JUBA, 01 January, 2019 [Gurtong]
-Seven members of the General Court Martial were sworn in on December 31 to try suspects who had been in detention.

On November 26 2018,   President Salva Kiir in a Republican Decree ordered the General Court Martial to meet for the trial of suspects involved in armed robberies and vehicle theft in Juba.

The five members of the Court name d by President Kiir included Maj. Gen. Marshall Stephen Babanen as the chairperson, Maj. Gen Stephen Warkozi Zachariah as member, Col. Mading Majak Malou as member, Col. Mayiel Jiek Riek as member, and LT. Col. Andrew Ayodi Chol.

The court immediately after the swearing ceremony started the trial process of suspects involved in armed robberies, and vehicle theft in Juba.

The suspects include Lt. Col Sunday Akech Thiep, Sargent  Bol Agany Akech, Sargent Deng Dut Akot, Private Arol Mayen Deng, Benjamin Agany Akol, Chan Deng Anei from the police, and a civilian Akuei Deng Akuei.

The four- member defense team is led by Captain Peter Malual Deng while the prosecution team is led by Captain Augustino A. Chol Deng.

The suspects did not take plea as the court was adjourned to January 11, 2019.

The court will also try suspects involved in the murder of Fr Victor Luka Odhiambo, a Kenyan national who had served as the Principal of Mazzolari Teachers College in Cueibet, Gok State.

Fr Victor Luka Odhiambo was assaulted and killed by armed men at the Mazzolari Church compound in the State headquarters of Cueibet in the wee hours of 15th November, 2018.

The army spokesperson Maj. Gen Lul Ruai Koang said the suspects were on transit to Juba for the court proceedings.


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