19 Jun 2019


Governor Appeals To Those Who Fled The War To Return And Build The Nation

The Governor of Wau State has called upon all technocrats who fled Wau State during the past five years of conflict to return home and rebuild the State.

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 04 January 2019 [Gurtong] -
In an interview with Gurtong, Governor Angelo Taban said since the conflict erupted in the country five years ago, many technocrats fled to particularly Sudan.

Taban said there is a need for these people to return home and help in rebuilding the States.

He said many expertise including doctors, teachers, engineers, nurses are missing in the Country of which their participation in rebuilding the country is important.

“The people who are outside in Sudan and other neighbouring countries, am calling for them to come, especially the technicians, the builders, the teachers, the medical assistants, doctors and nurses,” said Taban.

“This is a problem, now we are facing a problem and the population is now very big in the towns, to give them services need technicians, those of nurses and medical assistants, we are calling all of them to come back to serve the lives of the people in the State. This is my message to my people especially people of Wau State,” he added.

Meanwhile,, in his New Year’s message to the people the Governor said despite many challenges that has jeopardized his government’s performance to champion developments in the State, he has managed to restore peace and stability in the entire

Taban said his New Year plan is to mobilize the population to stand alongside with the
State government in implementing the peace agreement.

“The plan is that, I have to mobilize and bring my people together so that they can assist and stand together with the State government in order to pave a way forward in implementing the lasting peace,” he said.

He said that he has began sending out his government officials to the citizens at County levels to sensitize them on the peace signed with the oppositions.

“We need our communities to observe this peace and reconcile as well as live in harmony,” he said.

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