19 Jun 2019


India To Build A Psychiatric Hospital In Juba

India has announced plans to build a Psychiatric Hospital in Juba to provide healthcare services to mentally ill patients in the country.

By Ojwe Lumara

JUBA, January 06 2019 [Gurtong]
-A delegation of five prominent Doctors and two engineers concluded their visit to Juba on Saturday. The team met government officials including the National Minister of Health, Dr Riak Gai Kok to whom they presented about the construction of India-South Sudan Friendship Psychiatric Hospital in Juba.

The team also discussed with top government officials to determine the needs of the country, including the possibility of training South Sudanese doctors to manage the hospital.

The facility is expected to be named “Gandi Mental Friendship Hospital”.

Indian Ambassador to South Sudan, S D Moorthy said his government wanted to improve the country’s poor health infrastructure destroyed by the five-year civil conflict.

“Government of India has decided to construct a psychiatric hospital in South Sudan for the benefit of people who were affected during the war. They don’t have proper place to stay and the infrastructure also is very bad in this country,” Amb. Moorthy said.

Daniel Peter Othol, South Sudan Ambassador to India who accompanied the delegation to Juba appreciated the government of India for the support in South Sudan’s health sector.

Dr. Riak Gai Kok, National Minister of Health said, “Mentally ill patients are considered as sick people and who also deserve decent medical care and to enjoy dividend of fruits of South Sudan’s struggle for independence.”

Cabinet affairs minister, Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro, appreciated the team saying that the government would provide support to help them accomplish the project.

Decades of war and conflict have caused a considerable amount of physical and mental trauma among South Sudanese. Mental health remains a heavily neglected, unacknowledged issue in South Sudan despite affecting all facets of society.

Data on mental health in South Sudan are limited. However, a study in Juba found that 36% of the sampled population met the criteria for PTSD. Despite this, South Sudan only has two practicing psychiatrists in the entire country. Mental health patients are often neglected or imprisoned, instead of receiving the support that they need.


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