19 Jun 2019


Wau Central Prison Sets Free 10 Inmates Convicted For Different Crimes

Wau Central prison has set free 10 inmates who were convicted on different crimes.

Wau Central Prison Sets Free 10 Inmates Convicted For Different Crimes

By James Deng Dimo

WAU 09, January 2019 [Gurtong] - Speaking during the ceremony held at Wau central prison, the central prison   Director, Major General Atok Barec Atem said the release was reached at after the President pardoned 48 inmates serving in prisons across the country.

The Director urged the freed inmates to go and help the community in providing services to their people and to stay away from committing crimes again.

“Let me tell you this don’t commit crimes again and come back as a prisoner because we
have now released you and am sure that we have sent your names to ensure this release because you were oriented after changes to go and help the community, he added.

Some of the freed inmates welcomed the release saying the prison has changed their lives for better.

“We as prisoner today, we are very happy, our release came at the end of the year and this shows that we are lucky and am sure that this is a sign of the peace that the president promised,” said one of the inmates.

One of the inmates said that he was in charge of the church in the prison a thing he never thought he would do before being convicted of his crime as he had no relations with the church earlier.

“We as prisoners, the crimes that brought us here are different, for sure we were not working, we were not interested in working, we were just interested in looting people’s properties. But now since I came to prison, I have learned how to cultivate and how to use an axe and now God has answered me,” said another inmate who was released.

The prisoners were serving at Wau central prison with some spending about 3 to
4 months in jail already.


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