19 Jun 2019


Cattle Raid In Eastern Lakes Leaves Six Dead

The Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement agency, in Eastern Lakes State, has confirmed that six people lost their lives during a cattle raid in the State.

Cattle Raid In Eastern Lakes Leaves Six Dead
Cattle grazzing near Payii in Eastern Lakes State [Photo by Mabor Riak Magok]

By Mabor Riak Magok

YIROL, 10 January 2019 [Gurtong]-
Simon Tueny Mabor in an interview with Gurtong on Tuesday confirmed that the raiders were from Western Lakes State.

”Yes, the attackers came from Western Lakes State armed Youth by definition. Three days ago, they attacked the cattle camp and it was reported that three people were killed from the raiders side. Meanwhile one person, a cattle owner was killed there but they did not manage to take away the cattle, “said, Simon Tueny.

He said the place where the raiders attacked is known as Kuemtur cattle camp, South West of Eastern Lakes State near Bahr Grindi County of Amadi State.

“We are in close contact with Western Lakes State, Minister of Local Government as we are trying to control such criminal activities but it is very difficult and this is the same with us here in Eastern Lakes State. Lack of forces and the few forces we have also lack equipment, mobility and ammunitions, these are the challenges we are facing in Eastern Lakes State. The disarmament process is ongoing in Eastern Lakes State, but on a minimal scale because these forces that are still here are lacking logistics supply and some of their vehicles have broken down,” Simon Tueny said.

He condemned criminal activities carried out by the armed Youth of Western Lakes State.

“The armed Youth should understand what is meant by peace. Our intention is about peace, we are here for peace, and we don’t want criminal activities to continue. We also want the disarmament process to be quickened and if our national government is really concerned then let them reinforce with armed forces”. He said.


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