3 Jun 2020


Oil Leaks Risk To Health In South Sudan

Oil wells leak in Guit County of Northern Liech State pose health risk to the citizens.

Oil Leaks Risk To Health In South Sudan
Oil field leakage in Unity State. [File Photo]

By James Gatluok

Mala Oil Field is one of the oil facilities contributing to the oil output of South Sudan Oil Industry. Its crude output started in 2006 and climbed from 10,000 to 20,000 barrels per day between 2007 and 2008 with reserves of 44 million barrels. With the resumption of oil production schedule for 21st January tomorrow, the community in the area are worried that the mining will not be of benefit to them as it used to.

The local authority in greater Guit County of Northern Liech State say that 7 people and many livestock have perished from oil pollution since 2012. They blame the oil companies for improper waste management; causing the spill and the leak of the oil into the rivers.

They complain that the people and their animals are dying every day due to the water contamination as the result of oil spills.

“Our main problem now is that our water ways are contaminated. This is the only source of water available for us and our animals. We are drinking from it and as a result many people and uncounted cattle died”, Chief Joseph Kong Yoach told Gurtong.

Kong added: “Now that there is peace in the country, we are asking both the National Government, State Government and the oil company operating in Tharjiath and Mala Oil field to urgently repair these oil wells once and for all before the next rainy season, otherwise the citizens of this area and their animals will continue dying innocently”

Chief Riak Bur also attributed the call to end this suffering saying “Oil companies should not over look this issue. They should not only concentrate on oil production without considering the lives of the people living around the oil field.”

He concluded that ”now seven oil wells are seeping into the water sources and mixing with the drinking water.”

 “We are very worried about this oil leaks and our people have suffered for a long time. Now it time for the oil company, Sudd Petroleum Operating Company (SPOC), to take immediate action and save the lives of this community,” said Kawai Chany Bur,  Commissioner of Guit County. 

Mala oil field is located in a swampy area of Guit and its oil wells are connected to Tharjiath oil field which are also connected to Unity and Heglig oil field.

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21/01/2019, 12:21 PM
 - Posted by Jacob Akol
The toxic side of Black Gold! Who cares?
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