2 Oct 2020


Bor Community Youth Leader Welcomes Trade With Boma State

“This cattle trade between Jonglei and Boma states has been welcome and appreciated by the youth”, Bor Community Youth Association Leader. it has the backing of the youth and we appreciate it", Akech Ajith Ruk, told Gurtong.

Bor Community Youth Leader Welcomes Trade With Boma State
Cattles in Anyidi cattle trading centre in Jonglei State [Photo Gurtong | Jo Ngong Akau]

By Jo Ngong Akau

Bor, 28 January, 2019 [Gurtong] - “The cattle trade with the neighbouring Murle of Boma State which is going on now in Anyidi, Bor East County will bring long lasting peace to the communities of Bor Dinka and the Murle of Boma State”, he said.

In an exclusive interview with Gurtong, Akech said the cattle trade is a sign of peace between the two communities of Murle and Bor Dinka.

“If you want peace to come, it has to come from the grass-root level step by step. It is not just one mission”, he said.

He said that “the actual people who are involved in this business are the youth and they are the ones responsible atrocities; they are both actors and victims of violence”.

Akech urged the governments of two states to convince the youths who are still committing atrocities in the region to come together for peaceful co-existence.

Earlier this month, the cattle traders from Boma state arrived in Anyidi Cattle Trading Centre, Jonglei State, with their cattle for sale.

Many years have passed since inter-trade activities were cut off between the two states due to issues of cattle raiding, killing of innocent civilians and child abductions.


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