3 Jun 2020


Yei Farmers Demand Stable Security And Farm Inputs

“We have been in the bushes and now that there is relative peace, we have decided to plan farming for our own good. We want the Government and the opposition fighters not to disappoint us by displacing us again”,

Yei Farmers Demand Stable Security And Farm Inputs
Maize farm in Mugwo village. [Photo by Daniel Friday | Gurtong]

By Daniel Friday Martin

YEI (May 19-2019) Gurtong – Farmers and internally displaced persons in the conflict affected villages of Yei River State are demanding stable security and distribution of farm inputs to increase at their level of food production this year.
The internally displaced persons said with the relative peace, they would engage on farming to also reduce importation of food items that can be produced locally and also reduce over dependence on humanitarian food assistance from aid agencies.
John Malsih Rufus, a rural farmer in Morisak village, told Gurtong that he has started digging at least 4 fedans of his farm land to produce subsistence food for his family and also marketing to rebuild his economic livelihood.
“We suffered and displaced from one village to another by various armed groups including the government forces in the past many years. Now as a family we have decided to go farm for ourselves so that we use the farm produce to buy some households items we lost during the period of the conflict”, he said.
He continued saying that “What we want is peace and security and farm tools and seeds. I am so happy that UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) has distributed for us some hoes and seeds and I am sure, if there will be no fighting again, we will not be begging for food from the UN because we will produce our own food”.
Amos Joja, another farmer and also an IDP in Mugwo County, is urging the government to ensure that there is total peace and stability this year so that farmers like himself can go to the farm and produce food for his family.
“We have been in the bushes and now that there is relative peace, we have decided to plan farming for our own good. We want the Government and the opposition fighters not to disappoint us by displacing us again”, he added.
For his part, Dara Elisa, the program manager for UMCOR in Yei River State, said that at least over 7,500 household farmers in Greater Yei and Morobo counties in Yei River State are benefiting from free crop seeds and farm tools distribution to reduce over dependency on humanitarian assistance.
He said the food and agriculture organization (FAO) in collaboration with the United Methodist Committee on Relief is on mass distribution of assorted quick maturing crops and vegetable seeds and other hand held farming inputs to returnees and IDPs in the rural villages badly affected by the 2016 conflict.
“In Yei County we are targeting 4, 375 households and also in Morobo county we are targeting 3,290 households who will benefit from crop kids, vegetable kids, fishing kids and hoes so that these vulnerable populations can recover from food insecurity and gain their food resilience and production”, he said in a statement extended to Gurtong.
Meanwhile Evans Kijore, the Yei River State Minister for Agriculture and Forestry in Yei is appealing to farmers to benefit from the rainy season by producing their own local food through agriculture.
“As a ministry we are working together with our partners to ensure that the farmers are assisted with farm tools so that they produce enough food for themselves”, he added.
Yei River State, having fertile soil, best known for crop production and food basket of South Sudan, became food insecure at the height of the conflict that sprung up in 2016. 
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19/05/2019, 3:18 PM
 - Posted by Jacob Akol
Best sign yet for peace in South Sudan.
22/05/2019, 9:05 PM
 - Posted by Jacob Akol
Give our people the chance to have peace and security and they will be as productive as ever, please warring parties! Just look at how the soil response! just build all seasons road-network and all will be well.
22/05/2019, 9:06 PM
 - Posted by Jacob Akol
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