4 Aug 2020


Cross-State Cattle Thief Arrested, Handed Over To His County

“I have received my cattle in good condition; that’s what matters,” said the chief.

By James Deng Dimo

Wau 12, June 2019 [GURTONG] Authorities in Alur County in Wau State has handed over a man who was arrested last week for stealing cattle from the county.

The man identified as Majok Kuot Madut reportedly came from a neighbouring state.
Speaking to Gurtong from Mapel Town, Headquarters of Alur County, Commissioner of Alur, Dimo Kon, said the he has handed over a man to his commissioner after recovering all cows he had stolen last week.

Dimo said Tonj authorities will complete perusing the rests of thieves who were involved in stealing the cattle and will be taken to court.

“Now we are in Mapel Police Station for handing over a civilian who had stolen the cattle of the chief and was arrested. Now we are handing him over to Commissioner of Wan-Alel,” said Dimo Kon.

“This person stole on 9th of June at 3:PM. He was arrested in an area call Zur. He was with three accomplices who escaped arrest. We are handing him over to his area commissioner while we continue searching for his accomplices.”

 “I have received my cattle in good condition; that’s what matters,” said the chief.
On his part, Wan-Alel Commissioner, Karlos Kaluel- Jang, confirm to Eye Radio that he have handed over the man and will be taken to court.

Karlos said: “I have come here to receive those thieves who were caught here stealing things of Alur County. Honourable commissioner of Mapel has informed me to come and collect this person and arrest him to continue his case in court in my county”.

“This relationship between Alur and my county is now very smooth. As governments, we are cooperating so much to stop these cattle raidings between our two states and counties”.

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