13 Aug 2020


Aweil State Expels Malaria Consortium And Health Net HPF3 Projects

"The expulsion has caused chaos within the state because various sources including governor’s office have denied knowledge of the incident."

By Thiik Abraam,

AWEIL, June 28, 2019 [GURTONG]- According to the ministerial letter dated May 26th 2019 and whose contents were disclosed yesterday June 26th 2019, the state minister of Health in Aweil State, Hon Gabriel Kuol Lual, expelled the UK-based organizations Malaria Consortium and Health Net from the State following their alleged failure to deliver services to the community within their jurisdiction.

In a letter addressed to the national minister of health Hon. Dr. Riak Gai Kok, the state minister of Health in Aweil issued the expulsion letter of the two humanitarian organizations operating in his state:
“In reference to the above mentioned subject, and after the long deliberation on the status of Malaria Consortium and Health Net, Lot 16, State ministry of health in Aweil had to file this final on the activities of Health Pooled-Fund 3 (HPF-3 at lot 16). It was predetermined that the IPs (Implementing Partners) were to given 2 months provisional period for the service delivery to the targeted areas, during which their activities and abilities to deliver health services at a given Lot would be observed and determined by the state ministry of health. Unfortunately, the two IPs were unable to deliver as per stipulations.” The letter reads in part.

“We unfortunately have to be the first to admit the Malaria Consortium and its partners have not met our expectations in delivering the health basic packages to Primary Health Care Centres (PHCCs) and Primary Health Care Units (PHCUs). They have also been insisting that out of 180 staff in the main referral Hospital (Aweil Civil Hospital) they insisted to be paying for 22 staff’s incentives only.”

The letter further adds: “In conclusion, we at the state ministry of health in Aweil, do think that with all these records, Malaria Consortium and its partners have no expertise in running the hospitals, leave alone a busy hospital like Aweil Civil Hospital. We therefore, urge our national ministry of health in Juba and HPF to sort out a better IP which will be able to run the hospital and Health facilities smoothly for the better health services.” The letter concludes.

The expulsion has caused chaos within the state because various sources including governor’s office have denied knowledge of the incident.

“This is a big mistake because the governor of the state was not involved in this decision.” Governor’s office says today. A close source disclosed that a high-ranking delegation will be arriving in Aweil on Tuesday to investigate the matter.

The Health Pooled Fund (HPF) is a partnership with the Government of South Sudan’s (GRSS), Ministry of Health (MoH) implemented in two phases (HPF1 – 3 ½ years and HPF2 – 2 years), it focuses on successfully strengthening health systems and delivering essential health services across 8 of the South-Sudan previous 10 states (23 of the 32 new states). Crown Agents leads a consortium which includes Health Partners International and Montrose International, to deliver the HPF which currently funds 23 implementing partners to support primary health care services in health facilities, including hospitals, across 55 counties.

The HPF is supported by the Australian Government’s Overseas Aid Program (AusAid), the British Government’s Department for International Development (DFID), the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the European Union (EU), the Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Health Net TPO is a Dutch-based non-governmental and non-profitable humanitarian Organization which has been operating in South Sudan since 2010 whereas Malaria Consortium is a UK-based non-governmental and non-profitable humanitarian Organization which has also been in South Sudan since 2008.


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