6 Apr 2020


Press Release Remembering Isaiah Abraham

"As we commemorate Isaiah’s painful demise, we also commemorate the heroic work of slain journalists and other South Sudanese who have been disappeared and died."

ISAIAH ABRAHAM’S 7 TH ANNIVERSARY: 5 DECEMBER 2019 SSHURSA Commemorates ISAIAH ABRAHAM 7th Anniversary, calls for respect for right to life, freedom of speech and expression in South Sudan: 5 December 2019 marks the 7 th Anniversary when Isaiah Diing Abraham Chan Awuol (Isaiah Abraham) was assassinated in South Sudan’s capital Juba.

He was killed in his house at Gudele in the morning of 5th December 2012. We in SSHURSA, today commemorate the 7th year of Isaiah’s painful departure. Isaiah was a victim of conscience.

Isaiah had stood up and spoken for those who could not speak for themselves. Isaiah’s numerous writings which warned South Sudanese state authorities of the dangers of disrespecting rule of law and human rights, were never listened to.

Over the last seven years on his assassination, we continue to ask:
1. Who assassinated him?
2. Who sent them to kill him?
3. Where are his assassins?
4. When is justice going to be done?

Despite sanctimonious proclamations made on 3 January 2013 by the South Sudan’s former spokesperson Barnaba Marial Benjamin that the suspects of Abraham’s assassination were apprehended by the government; yet seven years have passed on, without justice being done. Neither identities of the proclaimed suspects have been shown nor anyone has been tried for his assassination. South Sudan government has failed to provide any single response to the above questions. Such a conduct casts doubts over the state’s innocence over Isaiah’s assassination.

As we commemorate Isaiah’s painful demise, we also commemorate the heroic work of slain journalists and other South Sudanese who have been disappeared and died.

(a) To the Government of South Sudan and authorities:
(i) bring perpetrators to justice. This will prove the innocence of the state and its gents.
(ii) respect human rights and civil liberties of every person in South Sudan.
(iii) use peaceful means that honour the sacrifices made by fallen and living South Sudanese people to attain an independent South Sudanese State.

(b) To the journalists, writers, civil society leaders and those who speak out for others:
(i) continue standing up and speaking out truthfully for those who cannot speak for themselves.
(ii) document all violations and use legal means to push for justice against perpetrators.
(iii) support the families or children of the deceased and disappeared persons.
(iv) (c) To the international and regional bodies:
(i) support South Sudanese journalists, writers, human rights defenders and others who continue to speak out truthfully for those whose rights continue to be violated.
(ii) (ii) be consistent in exerting efforts to bring lasting peace that will ensure that state respects human rights especially the right to life and other civil liberties.
(iii) (d) To the families of the disappeared and assassinated persons:
(iv) (i) We send our utmost condolences to you and stand with you in these bitter memories.
(v) (ii) We urge you to timelessly continue pushing for justice for your loved ones. We call on all people of conscience and good will to push for justice and stand always with the family of Isaiah Abraham and other victims’ families. We need South Sudan that honours freedom for all! END Juba, South Sudan.

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