4 Aug 2020


Stop Tribalism And Tribal Associations Now!

"I am not born for one region. The whole South Sudan is my native Country. I am voting against tribalism, regionalism, corruption and injustice”.

By Gisma-Angeth Mou Mou

I have watched with great concern the tribal ethnic hate rhetoric spreading on social media in the last few days that is still ongoing on facebook videos.

My message to you all is very simple: STOP Tribalism and STOP it Now.

How do we understand what exactly tribalism is and why it is bad?

Tribalism is when a person's action of integrating other people from the same country, is based on the ethnic group of the tribe a person belongs to, or is considered to belong to.

Factors such as name, language and appearance are used as a basis for decision of common interest of group and association, rather than information that is not immediately apparent, for example a country or nation-state.

This tribalism is a type of ethnic discrimination, which means that a person is not included in a group or community because he/she has a name, language and appearance that is different from the people who are included.

This is followed by hate speeches that have close ties to tribalism and negative culture of exclusion.

Tribalism is therefore the producer of violence, corruption and civil war.

I therefore call on all South Sudanese, and especially the Diaspora, to close their tribalism associations and go for inclusion of all South Sudanese via a range of South Sudanese Communities.

The Jieng Council of Elders must also change and transform to South Sudan Council of Elders.

I also urge the parliament that Citizenship of today needs to be expanded with anti-tribalist and anti-ethnic discrimination built in.

Encourage citizens’ interest in the right to express openly their anti-tribalism and anti-ethnic discrimination and anti-war wherever they are.

Good citizens and good leaders of the country have legal rights and obligations to protect their independent country against threats such as tribalism and corruption.

Finally, I want all of us, young and old, women and men to adopt vision in what we do and say, such as:

“I am from Bahr el Ghazal, I am from Upper Nile and I am from Equatoria; but I am not born for one region. The whole South Sudan is my native Country. I am voting against tribalism, regionalism, corruption and injustice”.

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27/01/2020, 12:07 PM
 - Posted by Jacob Akol
Count me in against tribalism, nepotism and corruption
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