4 Aug 2020


Need To Compromise For Win-Win Solution To South Sudan’s Conflict

"God is telling us: peace! peace! and peace only! We must go for peace! Anything else shall be available to us. But we shall not get this peace, if it leaves us again."

By Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey

The IGAD, AU and Troika (the US, UK and Norway) and friends of the Republic of South Sudan out there, have finally shot the rolling goal-ball (the R-ARCSS of 12 September 2018), penalty, into the goal-post and scored. The game continues!

The TGoNU led by President Salva Kiir Mayardit, is widely expected to return the goal-ball to the other team-goal and score it, too.

These goals exchanges and scores are expected to bring the two teams into equilibrium, capable to avoid defeat of neither side, but to end up at the “win-win” successful scenarios.

Coming back to the country today, 12 February 2020, President Salva Kiir spoke through the Government Spokesperson, Molana Micheal Makuei Lueth with a comprehensive list of summon: representatives of parliament, representatives of the TGoNU, SPLM IO, SSOA and any other political parties; the 32+1 governors and the civil society representatives.

The meeting shall take place on 14 February 2020, at the Freedom Hall in Juba at 10 am.

The agenda is one and one only: public consultations over the “number of states and their boundaries.” The mediators need the opinion of the people of South Sudan on: 10, 21, 23+1, 28 and the 32 states and boundaries on the ground. This is after the acknowledged failure of the political parties.

Here, on 14 February 2020, folks! The goal is in your court. Are you the right people for this difficult task really? Yes! But I am afraid, our leaders are not used to respecting public opinion. But, nevertheless, get embolden as the main stakeholders, and decide.

But do justice. Do not favour a political party.

In my opinion, peace is our ultimate priority and we must achieve it by all means. If the R-ARCSS 2018 fails again (ARCSS 2015 was a disaster), the new war shall not be confined to the SPLM factions alone, but it shall spread like a wildfire.

This meetings must co-operate with parties (SPLM and SPLM IO in the lead), IGAD and supporting international mediators. We must hit at a necessary compromise in order to secure “the win-win phenomenon!”

God is telling us: peace! peace! and peace only! We must go for peace! Anything else shall be available to us. But we shall not get this peace, if it leaves us again. It should not! By Jesus!!!


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