3 Dec 2020


Why Warrap State Needs A Public-Spirited Governor

" A Military governor for Warrap State as the solution to sectional conflicts there is a misguided proposal...Let's walk the talk and separate politics from real crisis...."

By Deng Choldit

The crisis in Tonj South and East counties could only be addressed if the intellectuals, politicians, senior army officers and elders of the area come to the realisation that sectional conflict is finishing their people.

These sectional conflicts predates beyond the independence of the Sudan. It is common knowledge different sections had fought over the contest of water sources, grazing land and issues of girls.

In the recent times, few people have called for installation of a governor for Warrap state with military background. Not knowing that ruthlessness alone towards the armed youths in the cattle camps cannot solve the years long menace.

We can only solve the problems among various sections by having a decisive, and public-spirited politician with strong determination to exploit the possible avenues to addressing these problems once and for good. The idea of having a military governor is a quick fix solution with long lasting devastating consequences.

These problems once thoroughly researched, solutions would be explored and executed timely. A neutral court has to be set up to try cases of murder and cattle raided. The security advisor has to be a strong military professional who shall there and then apply commensurate force where need arises.

The notion of looking at the problem from one perspective is misleading. The use of brute and force to address issues is an out-dated method. The experience should speak for itself.

When a responsible and caring governor is installed, he or she shall engage the grassroots and various stakeholders to work out the practical solutions to the problems of insecurities in our villages and cattle camps.

Many military governors have been tried before and the results were not pleasing to the ears. Few of them who are honest could attest to that fact. A solution that once terribly failed should not be thought of if we are to be taken seriously.

We need to organize ourselves as intellectuals of the areas where there are incessant conflicts to assist the incoming leadership in its drive to solve the endless and aimless sectional conflicts. Let's be part of the lasting solution by contributing positively then to drag feet and regret it all.

If we cry wolf on the social media from our comfort zones, and do nothing that would increase the prospect of peace building in our villages and cattle camps, we have not helped but failed our poor people. Let's walk the talk and separate politics from real crisis....

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18/03/2020, 5:49 PM
 - Posted by Jacob Akol
Why Warrap State Needs A Public-Spirited Governor : By Deng Choldit
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Mellissa Chibale
13:30 (4 hours ago)

to editor@gurtong.net

Your article Scholar Deng Choldit has eloquently addressed burning issues facing, not only Warrab state, but also other states in South Sudan (SS).

Indeed, violence in youth camps, or intra- ethnic violence cannot be eliminated by force. This method breeds violence. What is required is eradication through education, emancipation and peaceful social transformation.

Intellectuals of all the sides involved in cattle rustling or goats raids have onerous duties to educate people of evil of such acts, so as to minimise their intensity and finally brought to an end. Cattle and other livestock are assets that can be invested for economic development.It must be utilised for commercial purpose in addition to their social values. The proceeds of sale should benefit the owners and the taxes levied must be used to develop beef and dairy businesses to turn SS into a modern state and bring wealth and prosperity to all. Today most SS livestock is not commercially exploited. The educated class must lead in this crusades. This leads to the following hypotheses:

how to craft viable state governments that are responsive to people's cries; how to install states authorities that can articulate and foster the dreams of people; how to combat ethnicity, the sources of nepotism; how to nurture human rights and fundamental freedoms on which can rise and flourish equality, justice and equitable distribution of wealth, etc.

Those issues can only be adequately tackled if there's effective federal government founded consistent with the will of the people. It's this kind of constitutional democracy that can succeed in eradicating the types of problems you mentioned Bona Choldit.

During the life of the TGoNU let us together insist on governors and states authorities that are not imposed on the people but people's choice and accountable to people, who use law to govern rather than savage force.

We have seen how difficult it was to form TGoNU, the distribution of portfolios and the nomination of Ministers, some of whom are of doubtful integrity. One hopes that governors will be selected based upon the demands of the people of each and every state for the sake of political stability.

Nation - state building is troublesome. A lot of mistakes will be committed. Numerous experimentations have to be attempted. But all of them must result in improvement of the lives of people. We must strive for such ends and goals.

I will consider other issues, supported by concrete suggestions in due course. Thanks be to God.

Simon E Kulusika, Prof,
from Arapi, Ma'di-lands.

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