22 Jan 2021


The Importance Of RARCISS To President Kiir

"I would like to strongly remind H.E. the President of what he knows: this RARCISS abrogation is only possible when you have decided to leave power to others. It is the snare that has ensnared you with all the parties and put your neck to the noose."

By Bol Agau*

The Importance of Revitalised Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (RARCISS) to H.E. President SKM:

In July, 2016, after the dogfight at J1 where the bullets hewn holes are still visible on the J1 and the Ministry of Petroleum and former Ministry of Wildlife and Forestry walls, a power vacuum was created by the violence in the position of the First Vice President who missed death by whiskers but lost a handful of young men, including a personal friend of the writer.

After a short time, an ultimatum was announced for the hunted First Vice President to appear from the smoke of the cannons, gunships, howitzers, mounted machine guns. Logically and reasonably, the appearance of a normal human in such a perilous time of political turmoil was not expected. The long story is known by the political corners of the globe.

As the Crown Hotel was full of SPLM-IO politicians who were very perturbed by then, there might have been many thoughts running in the minds of those who knew nothing about the political Sanhedrin plots against the ARCISS. The ARCISS was murdered in the watch of America, Troika, IGAD, AU, UNSC, NWO and the God that created the political humans.

Amb. Donald Booth has a hand in the process that ended the ARCISS as he listened to same tricks from the Sanhedrins.

As usual, the propaganda went out as the violence started by the same politician who has a record of 1991. This is the best propaganda, if the current rulers are given immortal spirits and bodies. This propaganda could be sung by the mortal supporters for eternity as the rulers rule and the singers are fed by UN and treated by UN.

The UNSC will be only threatening with the sanctions and the USA, whose contribution is bigger than any other contribution to the UN, would only be complaining of being tired feeding the people of the Republic of South Sudan. The political vicious circle would be a steady one if there were no natural course on the rulers.

That said, I would like to highlight some importance of the RARCISS to the President of the Republic of South Sudan:
1. The RARCISS legitimizes the President whose time to rule the country is only illegally renewed by an illegitimate parliament;
2. The RARCISS recognizes the President as an incumbent and creates positions for the other vice presidents for the implementation of peace agreement;
3. The RARCISS is the only constitutional order that gives the regime a political life after the ARCISS political unconsciousness;
4. The RARCISS gives the people of South Sudan, a new political dispensation to try again the art of ruling themselves after the trials have spectacularly failed in 2013 and 2016;
5. The RARCISS is the product of protracted discussions that made South Sudan relevant to IGAD, AU, UN, Troika and Friends of South Sudan;
6. The RARCISS obligates the same UN, whose sanctions are not heeded to by the regime, to feed, provide basic pharmaceuticals, logistics, shelter the IDPs, support the refugees in the neighbouring countries;
7. The RARCISS is the gateway to the reforms that will give more power to the President as the country will be reformed to run smoothly;
8. The RARCISS provides the security arrangements that have challenged the President for the last 15 years;
9. The RARCISS provides a clear programme of governance that could be a bouncing board to democratic governance under the adherence to the rule of law and constitutionalism;
10. The RARCISS provides the only legitimate political practice that ushers into power leaders: the Elections.

With the abovementioned points of importance for the President to be relevant to the point No. 10, he MUST be very honest, wear the suits of the RARCISS so that the Spirit and Letter of the agreement are inside him to implement this RARCISS with honesty.

There is a silent time extension of the RARCISS by the Government and this is through the sanctioned politicians that are in the committee for implementation of the Agreement. These politicians have seen that they are dirtied by the Regime of SKM and would like to create an impasse where there isn’t to try to implicate the President so that he is sanctioned too like them.

The President will one day be sanctioned, no doubt about that, as it is visibly seen in the unexpected eventualities of the implementation and you will see the joy in those politicians.

This is also a very important step for the opposition of this country, as they will have a similar propaganda like the infamous ’91 mantra.

The delay of the states government establishment, the insecurity that results from the states’ power vacuums is solely blamed on the President of the Republic of South Sudan. This is a reason that the forced into hiding by the COVID19 UNSC would look into immediately when the wrath of the natural plague is gone.

The relevance of the President in the coming days will be in the decision that he takes together with the partners of RARCISS, not with the committee of the government, for this would lead him to being irrelevant in the politics of this country.

I would like to strongly remind H.E. the President of what he knows: this RARCISS abrogation is only possible when you have decided to leave power to others. It is the snare that has ensnared you with all the parties and put your neck to the noose.

Let not anybody cheat the President that he has absolute power to do anything greater than the RARCISS provisions. The few insignificant violations you might have done earlier should not mislead you to go to the major violations, it would boomerang from far away.
The Tut Mäkɛɛl
The Author is a practicing Advocate and a concerned citizen in the state affairs; he can be reached on the following address;
Bol Joseph Agau Adhil
Email: bol.agau@gmail.com

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