23 Jun 2018
ICT Specialist (ICT Job Opportunity)
Employer USAID/Sudan Core Institutions Project
Type Full time
Industry ICT Infrastructure; Financial Management
Start date March 2010
Application deadline March 5, 2010
Nearest Town Juba
Location Juba with travel to the states of Southern Sudan.

The USAID-funded Sudan Core Institutions Project (USAID/Sudan Core Institutions Project) is building capacity within entities of the Government of Southern Sudan.

This project is looking for three qualified candidates for the position of Information and Communications Technology Specialist (ICT Specialist).

This position requires hands-on experience in installing and maintaining servers, computers, printers and network infrastructure (routers, communications equipment, cables, etc.) for the project offices in two or more locations.

Additionally, this role will require the technical setup and support for the Financial Management Information System (FMIS) implementation that this project is undertaking on behalf of the Ministry of Finance in multiple locations in Juba and the States.

The ideal candidate must have relevant experience in the support of ICT infrastructure. Experience with the maintenance of servers using Windows Server 2003 (or later); experience with the setup and maintenance of network switches and routers is ideal.

Duties and Responsibilities

1.     Support the ICT infrastructure in the project office(s). This includes:

    • Installing and maintaining all computers, printers, scanners and associated infrastructure (switches, routers, etc.)
    • Maintaining the project network and troubleshooting issues.
    • Responding to routine end-user computer-related support requests. 

2.     Support the FMIS team in the implementation of the Financial Management Information System (FMIS). This will entail:

  • Setting up and maintaining the ICT infrastructure that will support the FMIS network. This network will expand to include GOSS entities in Juba and in the states.
  • Diagnosing and resolving issues related to this network Setting up software and hardware related to the FMIS network including:
    • Active Directory;
    • Virtual Private Network (VPN);
    • Implementing and administering domains including DNS and DHCP;
    • Terminal Services;
    • Associated routers, switches and firewalls;
    • Ensuring the implementation of platform-wide antivirus software, regular back-ups, etc. 

3.     Setup and manage a support desk, and other duties that apply.

 4.     The ICT specialist will be expected to share knowledge across the IT Team, and work in a collaborative and open environment

 5.     The ICT specialist will be mentored by the project’s ICT staff.

Job Requirements


1.     Two years work experience in an ICT role, such as network, database or systems administrator, a Help Desk.  Experience supporting a corporate-wide application is an advantage.


2.     A degree and/or relevant certifications in an ICT related field.


3.     Excellent computer skills in the Windows Server 2003 or later and/or, Microsoft SQL 2000 or later, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, etc.


4.     Experience with Microsoft Office Suite is essential


5.     Strong analytical skills with the ability to diagnose and resolve issues.


6.     Fluency in English (written and spoken) is required; Arabic fluency is a plus.


7.     Flexible, adaptable and enthusiastic individual with the ability to work independently in a multicultural environment.


8.     Willingness to travel.


Sudanese Nationals Preferred.





Contact for Applications
Contact recruiting@dcopllp.com
Position Recruiting Manager
Telephone: recruiting@dcopllp.com
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Email recruiting@dcopllp.com
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