3 Dec 2020
"We need to stop saying “Old generation or new generation will not listen to this” for the consequences will not spare anyone old or young, male or female. It is the future of our people at stake. If we refuse to fix the problem, the problem will fix us and should not be the other way round."
"The country is going down fast and when it falls it will be difficult to pick the rubbles. Better it is rescued. The early it is saved the better." Ngor Arol Garang
"Public Financial Management Oversight Committee (PFMOC), which is currently being co-chaired by the Minister of Finance and representatives of Troika countries and above all memberships of all relevant stakeholders including civil society organizations to ensure proper utilization of the RCF fund."
"It is in the same vein I would counsel a person intent to brave the 125 miles between Abyei and Almuglad: If Abyei is a bridge, it better be left unused".
"Learn to distill issues and define problems with intellectual discretion and precision. A learned guy doesn't fight with a shadow of an elephant. She bravely confronts the real animal".<br />
"The February 2020 Rome Resolution provides for representation of SSOMA into the Ceasefire Transitional Security Arrangements Monitoring and Verification Mechanism structures, and for joint monitoring of compliance of the parties with the cessation of hostilities agreement."
"...given the emerging environmental damages being witnessed at an unprecedented scale, oil production is beginning to be seen as a curse, not a blessing."
"There are big fishes behind this defection. They are those who confuse the President that we are your people during the day but at night they do subversive activities. They think we don't know them. They are known."
"The conflicts that usually dominate the news coverage in our daily newspapers are generally a direct consequence of lack of gainful economic activities that the people are - or can be - engaged in."
"They took the Chairman out, ordered the aircraft to leave and radioed out, announcing that the C-in-C was in the jungle thickets. They were quickly located by the forces".
"Those few individuals and their corrupt organizations and media have employed a method that frustrates making or implementation of good laws in South Sudan, so that the people feel aggrieved and start or continue with the circle of unending wars..."
"By understanding corruption, I hope it would simplify its eradication as the saying goes, " An enemy identified is an enemy half-defeated".
"...reduction of government expenditure is a key to improve the economy:"
"South Sudan’s foreign currency reserves all stolen but the government is making jokes about it".
"Contemporary young women are saying to their male counterparts, 'keep your V8, your cartons of dollars, or boring conversation about plots and property, please, please, give us romantic love or we will look for men outside the borders!'"<br /><br />
"Nations which cease to run on ideas decline considerably and eventually fade away. Nevertheless, we cannot regret becoming independent."
"And if history is any guide, South Sudanese society is headed towards social and political chaos. We are en route to Libya, Somalia, Yemen, or worst."
"International financial institutions and development partners become less willing to lend to country’s developmental projects. No one likes a broke guy. You are never given unless you prove you don’t need it".
"In South Sudan, it appears more of a “laissez faire,” with many people seemingly unbothered about putting on facemasks even when in thick crowds. Many are quick to say “mafi korona,” meaning, there’s no corona virus disease here."
"Rebellion has become a passcode used by politicians and their commanders to prolong their legitimacy and stay in power to the detriment of the hoi polloi."
"If we ask ourselves why we took up arms against the oppressive and successive Arab regimes in Khartoum? We will come to agree in answer that the same factors can be found here".
"Now, the current leadership of South Sudan avoids to face the millions of families that offered their young recruits, offered their resources to feed fighters, sacrificed their own well-being just so that South Sudan is realized. But to what end?"<br /><br />
"I humbly remind the principals to the R-TGONU that you have before you a negotiated government and elected one. Therefore, guide the State Governors and Chief Administrators to form the state governments in strictest manner and procedures laid down in the matrix of responsibility sharing..."
"This human capacity to normalize very difficult experiences over time comes from resilience at the individual as well as at the level of social structures". <br /><br />
"Unity in diversity is the in-thing. We can do that peacefully by taking care of each other".
"South Sudan needs a total break with the current state of its politics. To be sure, the country can only save itself from destruction and mayhem when its diverse ethnic groups agree to think about a new covenant - a covenant on how to get out of the vicious cycle of political violence..."
"They are said to have been deaf and blind about the unflattering global image their young country has garnered...as one of the world’s most corrupt and violent countries, only competing for the bottom year-on-year with Somalia".<br /><br />
"The tribes and communities in Greater Jonglei particularly Dinka Bor and Lou Nuer have resolved with goodwill and clear conscience to bury the hatchets and peacefully coexist; against the wish of the pessimists who don't want to see them live in peace;"
"Flashback to the J1 dogfight and mop up on the serially aborted Independence Anniversaries...our call is generated by the lonely voices of the dying, the starving and the fleeing masses of South Sudan".
"Skirting around the security arrangements quickly became the main threat to the viability of the agreement and the country’s capacity to govern itself."
"Give aspiring politicians the space needed to communicate their ideas on governance, accountability, security and economic prosperity to their countrymen and countrywomen. Otherwise, 2023 (or whenever the 36 months of transition end) will arrive before taking off from the ground".