9 Jul 2020
"We need to stop saying “Old generation or new generation will not listen to this” for the consequences will not spare anyone old or young, male or female. It is the future of our people at stake. If we refuse to fix the problem, the problem will fix us and should not be the other way round."
"Skirting around the security arrangements quickly became the main threat to the viability of the agreement and the country’s capacity to govern itself."
"Give aspiring politicians the space needed to communicate their ideas on governance, accountability, security and economic prosperity to their countrymen and countrywomen. Otherwise, 2023 (or whenever the 36 months of transition end) will arrive before taking off from the ground".
"It is a known fact that the disintegrated army of civilians are always a ready force thrown behind a rebelling disgruntle politician. After all, they have little or nothing to lose. They must eat by hook or crook."
"The war traders who pretend to be leaders will now stand with their tails in between their legs.... they are caught unawares. They have done much damage".
"In spite of the modernization, a few Jieng who moved to towns seeking education and employment still practice those customs. However, their children who never grown up in villages face obstacles to accept or adopt those practices."
"Will this life of isolation, juggling work and childcare and keeping grandparents away from the children become the new normal?"
"The benefits ...are two: It's diplomacy in action...The Chinese Government and their implementing agent Shandong Hi-Speed have the required technical expertise in roads infrastructure."
"Announcing 188 cases in one day without an emergency meeting of the leadership of the country is troublesome for a country in crisis."<br />
To solve the puzzle of why wars or rebellions in South Sudan and in the world, you need to go down the road to how these soldiers, police officers, governors, presidents etc. were brought up as children and start solving from there.
"Resisting stress is becoming very difficult in the worsening situation in South Sudan".
"The government has been half-hearted about these measures anyway, as it found itself in a serious bind of whether to enforce a lockdown while unable to feed the people or to be lacklustre about it and count on the citizens’ own sense of responsibility to do the right thing".
"...he categorically told me that if the story is about the 3 million USD allocated to the students’ welfare abroad, then it would never be possible, and I quote “I will not allow you to see the minister on that.”
"In Prof Aggrey Ayuen Majok, South Sudan has lost one of its best sons: an academician, visionary, hard worker and an achiever."
"The interim period – like the pre-interim period before it – is being used by the traditional power elite to continue their struggle to dismantle the reform agenda and maintain the untenable status quo."
"...it is even more worrying to picture poor, post-war and politically fragile African countries like Sudan, Congo, South Sudan or Central African Republic. There, it seems, the landscape lays open to the virus."
"If South Sudan is breaking up due to tribal hegemony, what will save the small tribes in the three regions from being oppressed by the big tribes – or are we surrendering every small tribe to the dictatorship of the big tribe in each region...?"
"One remarkable thing about Edward Lino was that he was never down cast by any hardship...I rarely remember seeing Edward Lino without his distinctive laughter or his sprightly smile."
"When the married women of Juba heard the presidential decree to declare the curfew, they ran into the streets with dance, song, and high-pitched ululation - South Sudanese women sound best!"
"The law is clear that SSBC is a public institution accountable to the public through the National Legislative Assembly pursuant to the provisions of the Broadcasting Corporation Act, 2013,..."
"...their disregard for the law, regulations and the agreed principle is astoundingly worrisome. What I don’t really know is if their disregard for institutionalism and constitutionalism is out of ignorance or sheer stubbornness."
"You must be a bootlicker and allow yourself to be an ignoramus to earn bread in Africa or else die in exile."
“The health system in South Sudan is extremely fragile and when we see how robust health systems around the world are struggling fighting COVID-19, that makes us worry more for the people of South Sudan,”
"In Dimma, Panyudu, and Tharpam, they were also segregated and not allowed to mingle with adults. Remember, they were ages between 7 and 15, a critical time children need adults the most."
It is not enough to say, “we are united”. It needs to be seen, otherwise rumours will be circulating that Riek has effectively taken over the Presidency or that there is “a parallel government going on behind the R-TGoNU”.
“The humanitarian needs caused by war and violence has not disappeared because of COVID-19,...We have to keep meeting those needs, while addressing the additional risks that the pandemic brings.”
"...we should ensure that such conspiracies and hypotheses do not hamper efforts and misinform our preventive measures in ways that could lead to unnecessary suffering and exacerbation of the spread of the virus..."
"Peace in our country is a source of pride for all of us and we must jealously guide it from spoilers and bloodthirsty individuals who are doing everything possible to undo it."
"Such violence involving police attacks on citizens, yanking people off moving motorcycle transports (boda boda), whipping journalists, breaking cameras, engaging in hand duels with street vendors and demolishing markets in such a manner as to churn one’s stomach, ..."
"...the clustering arrangements under R-ARCISS 2018 sent a wrong signal that these clusters are solely run, supervised, and fall within the mandate of each Vice President..."this gives impression that the government is divided into six mini cabinets". Dr Yoh.