25 Apr 2018
"My words are of true broken-heartedness, for us all as a nation, but mostly for your family, immediate and extended...May your beautiful soul rest in eternal peace, General James. You have gone too soon and at a moment we still needed professional soldiers of your caliber..."
"A recognition that a unified front from the like-minded opposition is a prerequisite to end the war in the Republic of South Sudan; stop the suffering of the people, and bring meaningful governance and political changes to the country;"
“‘If my phone is off, I’m in trouble, get help’…South Sudan where the government is more afraid of a camera than a gun.”
"The real net losers in all this will be all of us, South Sudanese, because we refuse to unite and lead peacefully from the front for change of a system of governance we know has failed us miserably since 2005 up to date."
"I urge you to remain strong, in the truth and on the seat of justice, for the Most High stands with you. Among you, whoever can, always stand up, speak out against the evils."
"The man looks miserable. He cups his heavy head between his palms. He is thinking hard but he draws blanks. When he was a dandy about town he had deep pockets from kickbacks and other underhanded deals."
“General Andrew Makur Thou was not looking for a position for himself. He wanted the war to end with justice...I found him very congenial and knowledgeable about the affairs of the country..."
"The kind of compromise that will help would be for the government to lead, in concrete terms, the dismantling of the portrait of mismanagement they have built around management of national politics and resources since 2005".
"...in case you are still under delusion of being address as ‘young people and not your time to lead,’ then let me inform you that, last time I checked,... independence of countries across Africa, from colonial powers, were championed by young leaders whose ages averaged in 30s and 40s."<br />
"The African Union needs to act with great urgency," Yasmin Sooka, chair of the Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan, told the 47 member states of the rights council in Geneva.
"The whole idea perished with the outbreak of the conflict in 2013 and the subsequent vicious war, which has not yet ended."
"Even the most experienced diplomats struggle to understand this conflict, and they often make grand missteps while working to solve it. Typical tropes about “war for oil” or inter-tribal conflict fail to define the dispute’s complexities."<br />
"King Wilson Gbudue has consistently been saying: “…When chiefs are gathered, they will discuss issues that are affecting them and settle issues that can bring conflict among the people. That was the policy of our beloved leader Dr. John."
“A new Transitional Government without President Salva Kiir is a farce; a mere fallacy devoid of reason and one that delivers no concrete solution to South Sudan’s conflict.”
“Did South Sudan start to walk prematurely before teething and crawling like other human toddlers, or receiving sufficient and timely immunisation against the post-independence ailments..."
"The African Union Commission should speed up the establishment of the proposed Hybrid Court for South Sudan to try the most serious crimes committed during the conflict, Human Rights Watch said."
"Global banks, as well as regional banking centers like Kenya, need to continue to clamp down on the transactions and accounts of those engaged in corruption in South Sudan."
"I still strongly believe that unity of Bahr el Ghazal within the SPLM and in the country is paramount. Hence, your reconciliation with Gen Paul Malong is imperative. Doing otherwise would undermine us and could reflect negatively divide our supporters within the SPLM,..."
"SSHURSA finally calls on the warring parties to approach in good faith the second phase of IGAD High Level Revitalisation Forum due in Ethiopia. They should seize the opportunity to restore peace in South Sudan."
...South Sudanese citizenry and the Church believe that in order to make HLRF work successfully, it will need the international community to bring pressure to bear on the opposition groups to unite, present one common peace agenda and confront the Incumbent Transitional Government of National Unity"
"When one of our brothers recently declared himself president of the Republic of South Sudan and commander-in-chief of the armed forces, while in Nebraska,...the fellow was dead serious about his announcement".
”Abel (is) the best president Sudan never had, and probably will never have…. He is a humble, judicious and accommodating man... Take note of the words humble, judicious and accommodating."
"From that time, the saying “He has no cousin to advise him (timely and rightly)” became an aphorism among the people from Awuol Bol’s area and beyond."
“He has never contested elective office in Jonglei, therefore has no constituents to visit in Jonglei. He is going as a state official, at the head of a combat force."
"In January 1965, SANU split into two different factions; SANU (Inside) which operated within the South and SANU (Outside) that operated outside the Sudan. The factions operated for a period of time separately before SANU (Inside) split completely from SANU (Outside)."
"... itis a time we have to look and go beyond our ethnic lines and perceptions if we want to build a cohesive, united, harmonious and inclusive country in which all participate and feel proud to identify ourselves with it, as no other country we have but only South Sudan..."
"To our dear leaders honored herein, congratulations for making it to the list of the most influential South Sudanese leaders of the year 2017. To the security agents, chill and enjoy. To the unknown gunmen, yeng’o man?"
"...the international community and South Sudanese warring parties, sound positive and willing to uphold the ceasefire. But how? is what people would like to ascertain".
"Let us make the year 2018, the year of decisive action against the war for personal power ambition. We can make a difference by mobilizing, organizing and unifying our ranks across ethnic and provincial lines to transform this situation into a revolution;..."
"South Sudanese will do well to remember that the liberation struggle pre-dates the country’s recent history...Sadly, it is a continuing struggle, for which all our voices must be represented if we are to arrive at a just and lasting peace."