"In my humble opinion, Journalists must be well versed and take professional training like doctors, lawyers and engineers."
"This is a remarkable book. It offers a complex and nuanced analysis of South Sudan’s prolonged and troubled march to political liberation – first from Anglo-Egyptian colonialism in the 19th and 20th centuries,..."
"Recognize, engage and include Traditional Communal Federal Systems of authorities to promote traditional coping mechanism to access and empower communities’ roles in boost dialogue on socio-polity, economic, public administration and cultural."
"In the final analysis, we are all South Sudanese and we should check our feelings as we praise or protest."
"My view is that the president has to demonstrate greater leadership ability in getting this dialogue moving. He has to be very clear on:..."
"...with honesty and transparency and with the change of hearts and minds of the leaders, the national dialogue initiated by the government is one of the ‘Hope’ to hope for. Let us support the dialogue."
"Direct political engagement by TGONU with “estranged” political forces would ensure no more feelings of political exclusion. A return to the political dialogue table will enable commitment or rededication to ARCISS and TGONU by all parties."
"I am a Bari and an Equatorian by birth – but I make a conscious decision that my number one identity is “South Sudanese” – an identity I must allow others to claim and hold." <br /><br />
"Statesmen compromise, dialogue, sacrifices, forgive and indeed die for their country. For the last three years, war has not resulted into peaceful towns, villages or food production. All that war produces is misery. Let's try dialogue and genuine compromise for our country."
“We are all interested in finding a way to restore a fully inclusive and representative political process, involving all the estranged Parties to the Agreement, without renegotiating the Agreement,..."
"SSHURSA calls on President Kiir to always restrain from stating public statements, which are harmful to the lives of the people if misunderstood and misinterpreted."
"The view that if the man does not beat his wife he does not care for her or love her should be abandoned. Violence that hurts does not translate into love. Love is peace, harmony and the absence of agony." <br /><br />
"We have never lived in a hostile neighborhood with the Raja people, and we will never allow our coexistence harmony to come to an end".
"Is President Kiir behaving like Col Mangistu of Ethiopia of 1994/5 and not like the SPLM/A of 1998? Why is there no emergency declaration for what is likely to turn into worst famine ever in South Sudan by April/May and June if not much earlier?"
"It is a very dangerous storm gathering and there is hypocrisy among the leadership, empty pride not to be seen as incapable of taking care of people."
"SSHURSA calls on Minister Makuei to stop mocking the victims of atrocities committed in South Sudan. Minister Makuei should be bluntly told that there is no peace without justice."
"The AU, IGAD and UN, expressed their deep concerns over the continuing spread of fighting, and risk of inter-communal violence escalating into mass atrocities, and the dire humanitarian situation in South Sudan. "
"SSHURSA continues to call on President Uhuru Kenyatta to take drastic measures against his errant security agents who are involved in conniving with the South Sudanese security machinery to use Kenya as a ground to extend human rights abuses."
"Urgent situation in South Sudan must be matched with urgent action by African Union – coalition of African civil society organisations."
Uganda welcomed more refugees last year than the total number of refugees and migrants crossing the Mediterranean into Europe.
"The Troika has welcomed the announcement of a National Dialogue and looks forward to seeing a process which supports the Peace Agreement which is genuinely inclusive of all parties which are ready to contribute to the future of this country."
"The chances of persuading Kiir to step down peacefully and give way to new leadership voluntarily after the Interim Period remains with the people he respects and who are not wanting the presidency for themselves":
"Urges the parties to exert all efforts to ensure full implementation of the Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS)".
"What we have is not a search for peace or a resolution of violence through dialogue,...It's a dialogue among friends who will not say or do anything to challenge the regime position or the status quo."
"Both Burundi and Rwanda need to establish an equitable sharing of power and resources between the majority Hutu and the minority Tutsi...Agree on the constitution, write in the guarantees and, above all, respect them!"
“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Joseph Goebbels, a Nazi politician and Hitler’s Propaganda Minister.<br />
"If the national dialogue fails to shape up unity, reconciliation and nation-building, then let’s give war a chance. “War is the continuation of politics by other means” – Car von Clausewitz"
"In our view a new approach should be adopted that would critique and review ARCISS, and chart a new roadmap for a workable political configuration, harmony, stability and sustainable peace."
"To secure the participation of a wide variety of stakeholder groups and to avoid perceptions of bias, a credible convener is of the utmost importance. This convener may take the form of a single person, or a group of people."
"It is my belief that God is intervening by granting all of us this final opportunity to rethink and refine the destiny of our country."
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