23 Jun 2018
"Any country that does not live on the foundation of evidence-based policy options relevant to each case scenario is doomed to perpetual crisis".
"A recognition that a unified front from the like-minded opposition is a prerequisite to end the war in the Republic of South Sudan; stop the suffering of the people, and bring meaningful governance and political changes to the country;"
“One of the strategies to force the warring parties to comply and secede from their hard line positions is to reduce or remove their military powers…this power would create the conditions that can expedite a genuine negotiated settlement of the conflict…”
“How is it that from 2005 to the present, some of the heroes of the South Sudan’s war of liberation seem to have turned, saying “This time round is for recompense for us and our cousins only. No place for others, prosperity or tomorrow!”
"In view of capacity gaps and lack of trust in sections of the South Sudanese political class, a hybrid arrangement composed of untainted South Sudanese technocrats and AU-UN nominees may be the preferred pathway for managing the transition in South Sudan."
“It was regrettably a wishful naivety to have thought that the tainted history of abortive governments and oppositions of the Sudan would absolve ‘independent’ South Sudan from inheriting the DNA of bad governance".."There is no time to waste. We must either unite now or perish” – Nyerere.
"But if, on the other hand, the warring parties hold to the previous positions that they held during the February 5th -16th 2018 conference, which led to the failure of the second HLRF meeting, the answer is a Big No."
"You bring Riek Machar to Juba here. I guarantee his safety and I will protect him with the national army. If you don't believe me, the RPF [Regional Protection Force] is here. You bring the RPF to take charge of the security of Riek Machar in Juba..."
"The United States Government will not continue in a partnership with leaders who are only interested in perpetuating an endless war characterized by ethnically-motivated atrocities".
"You have seemingly put all your eggs in one basket. Let’s hope you don’t drop it...Give us a start and we will always remember you well".<br />
Embrace peace, be loyal to the nation, and our neighbours?...When regime change happens after an extremely bad governance situation, it is often not a pretty event."
"The politician is willing to teach the reporter an English word or two so the<br />village reporter can improve his vocabulary with buzzwords like BOOMING or INCENTIVE."
"My words are of true broken-heartedness, for us all as a nation, but mostly for your family, immediate and extended...May your beautiful soul rest in eternal peace, General James. You have gone too soon and at a moment we still needed professional soldiers of your caliber..."
“‘If my phone is off, I’m in trouble, get help’…South Sudan where the government is more afraid of a camera than a gun.”
"The real net losers in all this will be all of us, South Sudanese, because we refuse to unite and lead peacefully from the front for change of a system of governance we know has failed us miserably since 2005 up to date."
"I urge you to remain strong, in the truth and on the seat of justice, for the Most High stands with you. Among you, whoever can, always stand up, speak out against the evils."
"The man looks miserable. He cups his heavy head between his palms. He is thinking hard but he draws blanks. When he was a dandy about town he had deep pockets from kickbacks and other underhanded deals."
“General Andrew Makur Thou was not looking for a position for himself. He wanted the war to end with justice...I found him very congenial and knowledgeable about the affairs of the country..."
"The kind of compromise that will help would be for the government to lead, in concrete terms, the dismantling of the portrait of mismanagement they have built around management of national politics and resources since 2005".
"...in case you are still under delusion of being address as ‘young people and not your time to lead,’ then let me inform you that, last time I checked,... independence of countries across Africa, from colonial powers, were championed by young leaders whose ages averaged in 30s and 40s."<br />
"The African Union needs to act with great urgency," Yasmin Sooka, chair of the Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan, told the 47 member states of the rights council in Geneva.
"The whole idea perished with the outbreak of the conflict in 2013 and the subsequent vicious war, which has not yet ended."
"Even the most experienced diplomats struggle to understand this conflict, and they often make grand missteps while working to solve it. Typical tropes about “war for oil” or inter-tribal conflict fail to define the dispute’s complexities."<br />
"King Wilson Gbudue has consistently been saying: “…When chiefs are gathered, they will discuss issues that are affecting them and settle issues that can bring conflict among the people. That was the policy of our beloved leader Dr. John."
“A new Transitional Government without President Salva Kiir is a farce; a mere fallacy devoid of reason and one that delivers no concrete solution to South Sudan’s conflict.”
“Did South Sudan start to walk prematurely before teething and crawling like other human toddlers, or receiving sufficient and timely immunisation against the post-independence ailments..."
"The African Union Commission should speed up the establishment of the proposed Hybrid Court for South Sudan to try the most serious crimes committed during the conflict, Human Rights Watch said."
"Global banks, as well as regional banking centers like Kenya, need to continue to clamp down on the transactions and accounts of those engaged in corruption in South Sudan."