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South Sudanese music industry is still very young and mostly influenced by different cultures as people come back from different countries. However, traditional music is still very much around. The music is therefore a mixture of folklore and hip hop music, as presented here on our pages.

 It is safe to say that in no time, South Sudanese music will be the richest and the most enjoyed music across the world as almost everyone will identify with it, thanks to the dispersion of the South Sudanese people across the world that allowed them to get assimilated to different cultures.

United Kingz | Nesty Beibe | Hardlife Avenue Stars | Okuta Ceaser Malish Jeremiah | Jay Family Entertainment | W J De King | Star Eagles |Deng Maale | Southern voice | Unique Arafati |

Musician profiles

 Deng Maale

Real name: Deng Nhial Chiok Dhoar

Background: Born on the 1-January-1967 in Fangak area Jonglei State, South Sudan.

Musical Background: started his Music  in 2001 in Khartoum with an objective to restore the culture and to make awareness to the people of South Sudan in Northern Sudan to know their cultures eg Languages.

Technology: Has a bachelor degree of Science in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Juba.

Type of music: Bul ( type of local music played with dram)

Songs: He has composed twenty (20) short songs

1: Nyiriel Nyiriel Tiir Bow (Peace and Harmony)
2: Luth ee Luth ee caa dong ke jual ( child protection)

Message: " want to leave in a new state South Sudan with our cultures and developed the cultures for our identity and our uniqueness"

Ambition: " looking to change south sudan into cultural loving society and want to show the world that this people are unique". He want all southerners to love their cultures and have a role to play in the culture. 

 Jay Family Entertainment

It is a musical group formed in September, 10th 2010 in Yei- South Sudan with a vision of “taking South Sudan & African music to the next level”
It is governed by a board of Directors & code of Conduct. Jay Family comprises of three (03) talented artists/musicians (Jay Boi, Jonio & Yuppie Jay-Jay Family)
“Taking South Sudan & African music to the next level” Read More*      

 Star Eagles

Stage name: Star Eagles
Real Names: Denaya Dennis and Anthony Manasseh


1. Dennis, born in 1st Jan 1988 in Kindi, Morobo County to Mama Rose Apai and Manoah Gworo as the first born, I have five brothers. I started nursery in 1993 in Kaya, primary 1 to 3 in Uganda during the exile. When we came back in 1998, I joined Morobo Primary school and finished my P.7 in 2001 in Uganda with both “O” and “A” level in Koboko. My mom taught me how to sing in the Sunday school from the age of 3 till 15. I got inspired to sing after failing to hear a song in my language and one day I prayed if God will allow me to sing which am grateful He did to me. I am happy when I met Tony in 2001 and I realized we have the same vision so there and then we started working together and started Star Eagles Band.

2. Anthony: I was born way back in the 80’s to Martin Lokudu in Yei.  My father comes from Lainya County. I had the battle to sing since I was young and I remember those days I was in the Sunday school to school choir. I just know God has called me into ministry and He gave me Dennis to work with, he means a lot to me since I knew him. He has a talent and two of us can do better.  *Read More*

Peter Garang Ngarjok

Stage name: Southern voice

Background: born in Jonglei state, Bor County, Makuac payam
Musical background: started singing in the 90s but started recording in 2005 in Kampala, Uganda while in school doing diploma in criminal justice and information technology. Have certificate in music, Dance and Drama.

Type of music: blues and dance hall

  1. Palke tiel (let’s leave vices; tribalism, corruption, nepotism, hatred…) (8songs)
  2. Gender equity (songs)….sponsored by Winrock int

Message: to promote the young talent of southern Sudan. To fight pandemic diseases like HIV. To take south Sudan music to international level. To promote gender equity through education. Promote education, child rights.

Alfatih Philip Abass Kabush

Stage name: Unique Arafati

Background: born in 1972, Mundri, Western Equatoria State.
Musical background:started singing in 2000 in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya. Felt that he has the talent, love music. Did vocal training by a Congolese called Malula.
Type of Music: Afro fussion, hip hop, Zuk, reggae

Albums: songs

  1. Ana gi rija fi belet tai (I am going back to my home)
  2. Africa fi tabu ( Africa is in touble)
  3. mata nasitu wara (don’t forget your root)
  4. binia giafa mabidor barau (beautiful lady never walks alone)
  5. binti Sudan uwo giafa (Sudanese lady is beautiful)
  6. SPLA/

Message: give messages to the whole of Africa about need for peace in Africa, African beauty, Cultural background, patiencce
Ambition: development of African, especially South Sudan, in areas of education, health.

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