22 Oct 2021

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Miss World

AJAA KIIR MONCHOL, 22 years old is Miss World South Sudan 2015.  The 2nd born in a family of 3 is a Graduate of Accounting and Finance from Kenya Methodist University.  She works for the Government of South Sudan as an Accountant in the Ministry of Environment.  Her interest is in aiding less fortunate girls to acess sanitary pads, which she feels is a major hindrance to their performances in many spheres especially at that sensitive age.  Ajaa emerged on top of 12 other finalists. She was crowned by Ajaa Gabriel Alaak, Miss World South Sudan 2009.  Ajaa Kiir Monchol will compete at Miss World 2015 in Sanya, China later this year.

Miss World South Sudan 2015

Ajaa Kiir Monchol’s 1st Runner Up is Angelina Santino, 23 years and 3rd born in a family of five.  Angelina is a 2nd year Engineering Petroleum and Gas Student at MAL UNIVERSITY in Malaysia.  Her advocacy is on on giving voice to women.

Ajaa Kiir Monchol’s 2nd Runner Up is Apio Josephine Adelino, 20 years old and 2nd born in a family of five.  The 3rd year Journalism and Mass Communication Student at South Sudan Christian University broke into tears when she was called out of the top 5 finalists.  Her advocacy is against early marriage.

Miss Earth

Report on Miss Earth South Sudan 2010

For the 3rd successive year South Sudan has been proudly represented at the Miss Earth International beauty pageant. This year Atong Ajak De Mach represented South Sudan.

South Sudan first too part in Miss Earth in 2008 with the appearance of Nok Nora Duany

In 2009 it was Aheu Deng (AKA the world tallest beauty queen) and in 2010 it was Atong Ajak De Mach Miss Earth is the 3rd most important beauty pageant in the world behind Miss world and Miss Universe, how ever unlike Miss World and Miss Universe who do not recognize the autonomous region of South Sudan and with there from not allow the participation of South Sudan at their event, Beauties of Africa has been able to convince the Miss Earth organization to accept South Sudan as a nation and thus the delegate wears the title SOUTH SUDAN on her sash and not just “Sudan” this give a clear identity to the region and provides global awareness of South Sudan.

Miss Eart South Sudan

Atong de Mach, South Sudan’s representative was part of the historic 10 year celebration of the Miss Earth pageant and was one of 84 girls from around the world representing their country at the event held in Vietnam.

Benefits and Exposure:

By participating for the 3rd year in a row it show a commitment to the goals and ideology of environmental protection which miss Earth stands for, it also provides an international platform an forum for show casing and promoting south Sudan as a country and its people and culture to a much wider global audience The Miss Earth grand finale was screened to over 600million TV viewers on Vietnam TV and Sky World TV, the preliminary contest were widely attended and screen on international broadcast networks and day to day activities were widely covered in the media and on the internet.

The participation of South Sudan in this event generated international publicity and awareness of the country, especially to those who were not aware of the Region, and only heard of the Troubled Darfur region, not only was she an ambassador but she was able to speak about South Sudan and engage other girls in discussion and educate them and the press about South Sudan. Conclusion:

Miss Earth represents and truly global platform and PR opportunities for the nation of South Sudan to be recognized and stand shoulder to shoulder with the other nations in the world. While Miss Earth is not the United Nations, it does serve as an additional very important forum where over 80 countries come together to support one cause and one goal, and we believe the external promotion of South Sudan on the world stage obtained by this event is incalculable. 



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